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Protect Students With the Power of AI - For 1year Education tanion

Price: 85 AED.

Protect Students With the Power of AI

K-12 technology exists in a dynamic, constantly changing landscape. At Lightspeed Systems®, our more than 20 years' experience in K-12 ed-tech enables us to meet new challenges whenever they arise. This agility was the catalyst for developing and patenting Lightspeed Filter™, Smart Agents™ and Smart Play™

Our patented device-level filtration creates more comprehensive cross-device security compared to the web crawlers deployed by competing solutions, and allows for visibility into all online activity, from web searches to activity in Google docs to web-based email. Smart Agents operate on every OS and provide SSL decryption without the need to configure proxies, PACs, or trust certificates, putting the power of a filter inside each device.

An additional component of our Smart Solutions is our proprietary Smart Play, a YouTube

specific filter that effectively removes or blocks the inappropriate portions of YouTube, opening it as a safe and reliable resource for remote learning and instruction. Smart Play uses our advanced AI database to categorize videos, so you can turn on educational videos in a click and immediately block inappropriate and distracting content. Smart Play also filters video thumbnails and comment sections, making it the single most comprehensive YouTube filter available.